Sudbury Upper School

Sudbury Upper School
Sudbury Upper School

Sunday, 30 March 2014


Listed here are some of the teachers I recall (with more than a little help from ex-classmates and even a few ex teachers!!):
Mr Robert Barron was my form tutor (Physics)
My classroom was in a general science lab (GS 1 or 2). We were allocated hideous mustard-coloured lockers (usually dented)…. Brett , Stour, Deben & Waveney were the houses. I was in Brett….
Mr Holliworth (Deputy Head)
Mrs Isabel Shales (Deputy Head),
Mr Alec Strahan (Headmaster)…..deceased.
Mrs Kay Gibson (Deputy Head),
Mr Young (Head of Brett House),
Miss Joan Searle (Deputy Head of Brett house),
Mrs Sheila Cooper (Head of Stour House),
Mr Richard Layburn (Head of Waveney House)…..deceased,
Mr Dennis O’Connell (Head of Practical Subjects)…..deceased,
Mrs Alma Brace (Typing),
Mrs Marshall (Commerce and Bookkeeping, typing)…..deceased,
Mr Fred Taylor (Economics – then woodwork?),
Mr David Holden (Geography)…..deceased,
Mr Neil Fraser (Geography),
Mr Jack Dodds (Geography)… bushy moustache. He did all of the reprographics (copying, videoing etc).
Mr Eric Britten (History),
Mr Clive Waddington (History),
Mr Farrant (Both of them!)… I believe one was a physics teacher (Bill) and the other was maths. (Both deceased).
Mrs Grace Farrant (French)…was also a JP. Her husband (Bill) and his brother were the two Mr Farrants.
Mr Richard Fawcett (French),
Mr Winter (German),
Mrs Sue Roberts (German),
Mrs Heather Clayton (taught German – later married Mr Fawcett)
Mr Amos (RE)…became a monk?!
Mrs Doreen Moore (RE)…Died during her time at SUS.
Mr White (English). We read Henry IV Part I, A Man For All Seasons and The Nigger of the Narcissus for Eng Lit.
Mr Robert Ellison (English?),
Mrs Bella Hughes (English),
Mr Faulkener (English)…. started approx 1978.
Mr Alan Byford (English),
Mr John Heany (English),
Mr Lamb (English),
Miss Knock (Cookery),

Mrs Jackie Williams (Domestic Science),

Mrs Kate Gregory (Domestic Science),
Mr David Jackson (Maths),
Mr Richard Johnson (Maths),
Mrs Rosemary Ingram (Maths),
Mrs ‘Bunty’ Smith (Biology, Deputy Head of Deben House),
Mr Alan Cross (Chemistry),
Mr Barry Levett (Chemistry)…went on extended sick leave, then returned until retirement.
Mr Payne (Physics)….became a monk?
Mr Hammond (Art/pottery)….deceased,
Miss Vanda Cutler (Art, painting, drawing)…..deceased 2006,
Mr Reg Carr (Art, printing)…..deceased,
Miss Purser (Art, painting, drawing),
Mr Ray Woodlock (Technical Drawing),
Mr Colin Muddimer (Motor Vehicle Studies ),
Mr John Fazakaly (Workshop Technician ),
Mr Richard Penny (Humanities),
Mr Richard Anthony (PE),
Mr Mike Bashford (PE and Latin),
Miss Jackson (PE),
Miss Dickerson (PE),
Miss McFarlane (PE),
Mr Long (Music),
Mr Brian Rose (Music),
Mr Mike Marsh (Woodwork),
Mr Mike Copp (Languages – French, Russian),
Mr Mike Orsler (English),
Mrs Paxton (English)
Mr Clarles Lamb (English)
Mr John Gibson (English)
Miss Florence Hough (French, Deputy Head of Waveney House),
Mr Robin Sidgwick (Biology),
Mr Mike Congdon (Russian and other languages, Humanities, Head of Deben House).. deceased 2013,
Mrs Gibby
Mrs Palmer (Careers)

Here are some old photos of some of the teachers and pupils:

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