Sudbury Upper School

Sudbury Upper School
Sudbury Upper School

Sunday, 30 March 2014


I remember a project where we were asked to create / run a safari park?! Ours was called “Redwood Safari Park” (I think).

The class who were awarded the most points for their efforts during the term won a trip. Somebody in our class had the brilliant idea of having a few pens (or pencils) made up with the name of the park on them.

Our class won – jointly with another class, and I believe we all went off in a coach to a safari park.

I vaguely recall being in the ‘wages’ dept, working out people’s taxes.

The ‘project’ may well have been part of a course called ‘Personal Relations’ (or similar) in which we took 6 weeks of Law with Mrs Grace Farrant and 6 weeks of Sex Education with Mrs Bunty Smith. I believe that this course subsequently developed into something called ‘Citizenship’.

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