Sudbury Upper School

Sudbury Upper School
Sudbury Upper School

Sunday, 30 March 2014


There were two sets of tables of girls.
On my set of tables were:
Gail Shelley,
Carole Turner,
Denise Cook,
Karen Sabine,
Melanie Gudge.
On the other tables were:
Rowena Diaper,
Julie Land (RIP
Linda Pierpoint,
Suzanne Arnold,
Sharon King,
Sally Wolfers,
Debbie Bloomfield.
I don’t really remember the boys (!) but a few names that spring to mind are:
Robert Simmons,
JJ (Jeremy) Nicholas,
Neil Jolly,
Ian Haig,
Simon Blackburn,
Julian Gibbons,
Mark (John) Drane,
Gary Eaves,
Lee Miller,
Gregor Davey.

Some of the names of the boys in my class have been given to me by other ex-SUS pupils. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of this list!

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